Friday, August 2, 2013

A Letter to My Boys

Your Momma has been stressed, and busy, and has completely disregarded this blog lately, which means your monthly letters have unfortunately been put on the back burner as well. Sorry for that. But, as I've said before, I would much rather be spending time with the both of you than writing about it, and so when my free time dwindled down these past few months, what time I did have was spent with you, and your Daddy, and I will never apologize for that. Also, the older you two get, the less need I feel for monthly updates, so these might morph into more "big news" kind of updates instead. are your big headlines for the last few months...

Every time I look at you I keep wondering if you've grown overnight. You are just so much taller now, and your baby face has thinned out so much that people don't even think you have your Momma's cheeks anymore. The taller you get, the braver and more confident you get as well--inviting neighbors over to play, bodyboarding in the ocean, etc., etc.
Your first catch of the season!
You've grown a bit more defiant in that confidence as well, which has surprised me coming from my generally reserved and fairly compliant little man. It goes in spurts, really, like you're testing us or something. I hope we're passing. :)

With every little bit you grow and change, you still insist on stories and cuddles at bedtime, and I hope that sweet little part of you doesn't change for many, many months to come. Your sweetness is also still evident in your relationship with Bennett. You're so, SO good at sharing with him, and genuinely feel bad if you accidentally hurt him. You adore him, and I love that you're your sweetest with him.

You start Pre-K in just a few short weeks, and I cannot believe it's your last year at WeCare. It feels like a blink ago I was stressed about you not taking a bottle from a stranger, and this will be your fourth classroom since then. You're so very excited about your new class, and going back to school, though, that I can't be melancholy about the passing years too long--there's just too much more to experience with you in the coming years.

I've missed you so much this summer as I've left for work every day while you, Daddy and Bennett get to stay home. The one fabulous thing about it is the greeting I get every day when I come home, though. There is nothing quite like seeing you waving at the garage door as soon as I pull my car in, and the "Come play with me, Mommas" I get before I even turn off the car.

Keep being your awesome self, kiddo.
I love you more,

Child, you are a feisty one, and I have to admit how much I love it. While you're so laid back when it comes to certain things, your spunk definitely comes out when you want to get your point across. You're saying a few words, but mostly, you're signing what you want, or expecting us to read your mind (quickly) to figure things out. You say, "Uh-oh, mama, dada, daisy, bye-bye, all done and ya-ya (Gavin), but that's pretty much the extent of your spoken vocabulary so far, besides animal sounds, which you're picking up pretty quickly. Every new animal is a dog at first, but you've slowly starting realizing they all make different sounds. Your roar is my particular favorite, which is almost more shout-like every time you see a dinosaur. Adorable. You understand 10 times your spoken vocabulary, and answer questions with the shake of your head for "no" or "yes" (though it's mostly "no" because you're a toddler, so of course it is).

You're very into reading books now, and I love that you're starting to love them as much as your brother. Your favorites right now are Old Hat, New Hat, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and That's Not My Monkey, all of which you request on a nightly basis. My attempts at throwing in a newbie seem to be working more often lately, thank God, because I don't even need to look at the others to read them anymore.

You graduated from feeding yourself with your fingers months ago and now use a fork and spoon pretty well. You also skipped right past traditional sippy cups and prefer cups with straws instead. The bath is also almost a thing of the past, as you and Gavin and Daddy prefer showers together.

Just recently you've started freely giving hugs and kisses whenever you're asked, and it melts me into a puddle every time. I particularly like to ask you when you're all the way across a room, because you'll pucker your lips and walk allll the way over with your chin in the air, just waiting to plant that kiss with a "mwah!" sound.

You're still fearless when it comes to climbing, or whatever other semi-dangerous thing you see your big brother doing. You follow suit immediately, and your motor skills constantly astound me.
Climbing over the couch to find a lost binkie.
You're growing so fast that I feel bad I haven't updated your happenings here, but I promise they're well-documented in photos and videos.

I love you more,

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