Friday, January 10, 2014

Winter Gavinisms

After picking up a toy to play:
Bennett: "MINE!"
Gavin: "I'll give it back cuz I'm your best brother."

In the car:
Gavin: "Momma, can I have something to play with? I'm boring."

Another day in the car after daycare:
Me: "What did you do in Miss Stephanie's class today?"
Gavin: "Read my mind, Momma."

Finding an unexpected ladybug in the house:
Gavin: "Look, Momma! A July bug!"

Listening to Bennett mumbling in the car:
Gavin: "Was that a whole story or a half story? I'm confused."

Dealing with Bennett's habit of taking off his socks and shoes in the car:
Gavin, to me: "Momma...Bennett's licking his toes."
Gavin, to Bennett: "I'm never gonna do what you do."

And a first Bennettism:
Gavin: "Oh, brother!"
Bennett: "Oh, bubba!"
[giggles from all involved]

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