Wednesday, March 26, 2014

One Question, Six Voices: Lent Week Three

This week's Lenten question from Rethink Church:
God is calling you. But to where? And to what? #vocation

I doubt it's a surprise to anyone that I feel called to orphan care. It's something I've grown passionate about over the last several years, particularly since I became a parent. Each time they placed one of my boys in my arms, and that overwhelming love washed over me, I knew I'd do everything I could to protect them, love them, fight for them.

Every child should know that kind of love. Every. Single. One.

But that's a lofty, idealistic goal, right? We live in a fallen world. Some kids are born to craptastic parents, some societies tell orphaned children they're worthless, some governments make a profit on of the plight of the orphan.


When those things feel overwhelming and untouchable, and the rage-y, injustice-fighting coals in my gut start to burn, I have to remind myself I believe in a God who is bigger than those things. I have to remind myself that I'm called to make a difference for orphans because God can make a difference for them. I can make a difference, even if it's only for a handful of kids, because God is using me to build something beautiful out of the ashes.


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2 comments: said...

"injustice-fighting coals in my gut" -- I LOVE THAT!

stephaniemutert said...

Am proud to be your side-kick, friend! And that God has ignited you to his incredible Kingdom work!!!!! Whoop whoop!