Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Depth of an Emptied Dishwasher

It's poem-posting time again and today, you get a love poem.  Let's all say it together now....ahhhhhh.

This is one of my very favorites from my Master's portfolio, mostly because every time I read it, it helps remind me just how lucky in love I am, even on those days (and we all have them) when we're not feeling quite so loving.

Big-gesture Love
For Ryan

I wished a lover would graffiti
my name on the underside
of a bridge or fill my house
with thornless purple roses
after our first big fight.
I always wanted the proposal
at a sold-out baseball game—
our faces large as houses
on the jumbotron
when I said Yes.
I wished for big-gesture love
and got you—
the one who warms my blanket
in the dryer before bed, stays
up all night when our baby
is sick with croup, and always
lets me choose our Friday night rental.
I wished for my name written
into a song’s chorus
before I knew the depth
of an emptied dishwasher.


Emoly said...

That got me all teary. Love it.

Linda C said...

You are indeed lucky in love. You just don't get to choose the way it shows up.

Sarah Brown said...

I love this poem, Lindsay. Ihad to share it with some others.