Friday, September 30, 2011

September Gavinisms

I love, love, love toddler language.  The way they put things together and mix things up fascinates me and, I have to admit, tickles my funny bone.  So, for your own personal enjoyment (but mostly my own), I'll post my favorite "Gavinisms" every month.  This month's is particularly fun--enjoy!

In response to either Ryan or me saying "I love you": "I love you sometimes."

The "I love you" response when Gavin's feeling particularly lovey: "I love you always and forever."

After putting on Daddy's deodorant:  "I smell like a man."

When asked whether he'd like a baby brother or baby sister: "I want a baby doctor."

When asked what we should name the baby: "Princess"

To Ryan after getting out of the shower: "Put your robot on, Daddy."

To me, while patting my pregnancy-hormone-enlarged chest: "I feel the baby, Mommy!"

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