Monday, November 28, 2011

November Gavinisms

After a particularly adult-like fart:
          Me: "That was a Daddy toot!"
          Gavin: "No, that was a Gavin toot!"

Passing by the tarp-covered pool in our subdivision:  "Summer is closed."

When measuring me with Daddy's measuring tape:
          Me:  "How tall am I?"
         Gavin:  "Bigger than me!"

On noticing his diaper was very saggy:  "Oops!  My butt fell out."

Pondering his size:  "I little and big!"

On growing older: "When I bigger, I be a grown-up man!"

On my return from Russia:  "Mommy!  I been looking for you!"

On Thanksgiving Day:
          Me: "Gavin, what are you thankful for?  What makes you happy?"
          Gavin: "My family!"

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Stephanie said... that little monkey! (That was a Steph laugh, by the way ;))