Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Letter to My Child(ren)

I missed you like crazy when I was in Russia.  Loving on those kids made me miss you that much more, and made me realize even more how blessed you are.  You have two loving parents, a multitude of doting grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles and aunts...and even a few family friends who claim you as their family.  Even when the multiple family get-togethers all occur on the same day and we feel like pulling our hair out trying to be "fair" and get to all of them, we are SO blessed to have them.  I hope you'll understand that one day.

While I was there, we were able to Skype a few times and that made the separation a little easier.  You were definitely comic relief for me on a very emotional trip.  One night, you wanted to read a book with me and chose Go the F*%k to Sleep off of the bookshelf.  It's a hilarious book, but clearly NOT meant for children (though it is illustrated like a children's book, hence your confusion).  We'll have to put that one higher up on the bookshelf.

Your new favorite phrase is "Weeeell..." as in "I'm stalling because I don't want to do something."  Here's a typical conversation with you lately:
Me: "Gavin, it's time to take a bath."
You: "Weeeeell...I just playin."

I got you some pull-ups last week and you love them.  Serious potty training started Thanksgiving weekend and you're doing awesome.  You stay dry all day as long as we remind you to go.  The poop thing might take a bit longer.

We also moved you from your toddler bed into a full-size "big boy" bed and you love it.  You picked out rocket ship sheets and couldn't wait to get them on the bed.  You look so tiny in that huge bed that it made me a little weepy the first time I saw you in it.  I realized after we put the bed together that it also means we won't be rocking with you every night.  The rocking chair moved to the baby's room, and we read books and sing songs in your bed now.  You're SO big now, and couldn't be prouder of yourself.

I'm so proud of you, too, and wish I could just bottle up your sweet littleness right now before it's all gone.

I love you more,

I hope you like this nickname because it's what we've gotten accustomed to calling you.  It's your brother's fault, really, considering he wanted a "baby doctor" for the first several months of your existence.  He'd also like to name you either "Princess" or "Snow White," but that's where we're drawing the line.

Daddy and I have our name list narrowed down to three names we like now, one of which is consistently rising to the top.  We won't share your name until you're born though, so Doc it is for now.

You're kicking like crazy now, especially in the evenings.  Gavin got to feel you over Thanksgiving and I wish I'd had a video camera to capture your first interaction together.  His little eyes just lit up.  I just can't wait to see the two of you together once you're here.

Most babies will not have this story to tell, but you went to Russia while in utero this month!  You made me a little more tired than I was on the trip last year, but otherwise, it was a perfectly healthy trip for both of us.  One ride on the subway was particularly crowded and you voiced your dislike of the conditions by kicking a strange Russian man in the back.  I'm not sure if he noticed, but it sure was a big kick.

Keep growing and stay healthy.  I'm so excited to meet you 4-ish months!

I love you more,

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