Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baby Doc...Now in 3D!

We had our 3D sonogram of Baby Doc this week and it was every bit as awesome (and creepy) as I remember it being with Gavin.  There’s just something a little bizarre about being able to see exactly what your baby looks like while still in utero—minus the eye and hair color, of course.

Already, I can see how much my two boys are going to be alike and different at the same time.  Baby Doc has Gavin’s chin, cheeks, mouth and nose, but his eyes are all his.  He doesn’t have as much hair as Gavin did at this point, and he also chose to be a little ornerier than Gavin by covering his face with a foot, as well as grabbing his penis.

“He wave at me!” Gavin would say every time Baby Doc moved his arm or hand, and at one point, the technician said she wished Baby Doc would open his eyes so we could get a shot of it.  Gavin said to my belly, “Open your eyes Baby Doc!” and not two seconds later, we saw eyelids fluttering on the screen.  Gavin was beyond ecstatic and I almost lost my shit because my boys…interacting with each other…already…squee!  It was magically cliché—and I loved every second of it.

Without further ado, here’s our little man:
Here he is with eyes open.  Don't you just want to nom on those cheeks already?!
Yawn!  You people bore me with your talk of my cuteness.
Sucking on his bottom lip.
And here's a picture from Gavin's 3D sonogram for reference.  It's not just me, right?  Don't they look just alike?

And here are my three favorite guys...all together.  (Pardon the crappy cell phone photo).

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