Friday, April 6, 2012

Bennett's Birth Story--Part One

I'm a planner.  A pretty meticulous one, actually.  I like to know when and where things are happening and plan accordingly, which is why I was perfectly happy with a planned c-section for Bennett's birth.  But that boy had other plans!

With Gavin's birth, I've always felt like I got gipped.  I became preeclamptic during the final weeks of that pregnancy and because Gavin hadn't dropped into position, I didn't really have any other choice than to have a c-section.  No labor, no contractions, no water breaking...but also no story.

Early in this pregnancy, I'd talked with my doctor about a possible VBAC, and we scheduled the c-section only four days before my due date to make that more of a possibility.  But because of Bennett's size, and because he, like Gavin, hadn't dropped into position, I wasn't really planning on any other day besides March 28.  Sure...we packed, we nested, we prepared, but that day was the end date in my mind.

On Saturday the 24th, Ryan, Gavin and I spent the whole day running errands and taking care of last-minute to-dos before Bennett was born.  I felt funny all day long.  Not sick, not tired...just funny.  I even ended up staying in the car during a couple of the errands because I just didn't feel like myself.  I blamed it on pregnancy exhaustion, but I should have known then what was coming.

I went to bed around 10 and Ryan stayed up watching college basketball.  I tossed and turned (as much as you can actually "turn" when you're nine months pregnant), but couldn't get comfortable.  A little after 11, I felt what I thought was my water leaking.  I got up, used the restroom and convinced myself it was probably just wishful thinking.  I stepped into the living room and told Ryan I thought my water might be breaking.  As soon as he said, "What?!" in shock, I felt a gush that was definitely my water breaking.  And when I say gush, I mean the kind of gush you see happen to pregnant women in movies that never happens in real life.  

The next hour was a blur of phone calls and preparations before we left for the hospital.  I insisted on a shower and Ryan got everything in the car ready to go.  I joke now that it seemed like he was bouncing off the walls, completely thrown off kilter that I'd actually gone into labor instead of heading in for the planned c-section days later.

My parents arrived and we gave quick instructions to my stepdad about Gavin before Ryan, my mom and I headed to the hospital.  I had a few contractions about five minutes apart in the car on the way there.  My mom was concerned they were so close together, but I could tell they weren't painful enough to be doing much.  We got to the hospital a little after midnight and sure enough, I wasn't effaced at all and only dilated to "maybe a one" according to the nurse.  The doctor on call was the least VBAC-friendly doctor in the practice, and because my labor wasn't progressing and they won't give pitocin to a woman whose had a previous c-section, we opted to go forward with the surgery.
The last pregnancy photo before surgery.  Notice the fancy non-hospital gown.
I brought my own and the nurses said it was the first time they'd seen anyone do that.
While Ryan got suited up for the surgery, I walked into the operating room and got up onto the table myself.  The anesthesiologist put in the spinal block and I laid down on the table and slowly felt my bottom half go numb while the nurses prepped everything for the surgery.  The anesthesiologist gave me some medicine so I wouldn't feel sick from the anesthesia.  I thanked him immensely since I'd felt sick during my c-section with Gavin.

It seemed like forever before Ryan came into the room.  I remember thinking, "He's gonna miss it!" but the nurses called him in right before they started so he could sit next to my head during the surgery.  I told him multiple times to take TONS of pictures, and at 2:05 AM on March 25, I gave birth to our second son.
2:05 AM  Our boy is here!
Bennett Green Evans came out screaming, letting everyone know just how unhappy he was about his early morning birth.  I took one look at him and thought, "He looks just like Gavin...but with dark hair!"
Hi Mommy!  My first glimpse of our new little man peeking over the curtain.
Getting all cleaned off, and still screaming!
I cried and cried, and watched Ryan cut the cord, wishing I had the camera so I could take a picture.  The nurses swaddled him tight and brought him over so I could touch him.  They weren't planning to let me hold him, but the anesthesiologist assured them he hadn't given me anything that would make it unsafe.  I held him tight and kissed his screaming face, and he promptly grabbed onto my nose with his tiny little hand.

It sure wasn't how we planned it to happen, but I love that Bennett did things his way.  He chose his own birthday, and we got quite a story to tell.  I wouldn't have it any other way.
Happy Birthday, Bennett Green!

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Linda C said...

I think you should include, for Bennett's sake, that Grandma was the only person out in the waiting area during his early morning birth. My efforts to sleep were to no avail but rewarded anyway when I got to see him and his mommma and daddy. So glad I could be there.