Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Twelve Things I Forgot About Babies

1.  How annoyingly tiny their socks are in the laundry.

2.  Napping with a sleeping baby on your chest is the best sleep ever.

3.  They wake up at exactly the moment you put them down to go pee.

4.  Baby boys turn into fountains during diaper changes.

5.  They're noisy.  When they eat, when they sleep, when they poop.  Noisy.  All the time.

6.  Even the crappiest day can be righted when your baby smiles.

7.  They decide they need to eat just as dinner is placed on the table.

8.  They smell intoxicating.

9.  How tiny they are, even when they start out at nine pounds.

10.  Newborn diapers fit for about the first ten minutes of their lives (this may only apply to my monstrously large children).

11.  You go through an entire box of diapers in a few days.  DAYS!

12.  You can study every detail of their tiny features and still never tire of looking at them.

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