Monday, June 25, 2012

First Family Vacation Learnings

1.  This self-proclaimed "air travel snob" is capable of traveling by car.
2.  Emergency room visits should be made in the smallest town possible.  No waiting!
3.  Mosquitos are minions of the devil.
4.  The ocean is scary when you're three.
5.  Naps are essential.
6.  Naps on the beach are even better.
7.  Breastfeeding on the beach is a little gritty.
8.  Sand and chubby baby crevices don't mix.
9.  Ryan is the king of sand castle building.
10.  Packing, unpacking, and driving suck.  But watching your kid's face light up when he sees the ocean for the first time makes it all worth it.

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