Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Gavinisms

After a particularly filling dinner one night:
Ryan:  "Did you get enough?"
Gavin:  "I'm full from my penis all the way up to my head."

His first impression of a common saying:
Me:  "The grass is always greener."
Gavin:  "Yep.  And apples are always rusty."

After seeing some sharks in the aquarium on vacation:
Gavin:  "I'm a shark.  I'm gonna eat you up."
Me:  "Well then who will take care of you and Bennett?"
Gavin:  "We be right fine.  I take care of Benny.  I a big boy."

After bath time:
Me:  "Bennett's hair is curly after he takes a bath."
Gavin:  "Fix it, Mommy."

After invading my space and walking in on me peeing:
Gavin:  "Why you sit down to potty?"
Me:  "Because girls sit down.  Boys stand up."
Gavin:  "Why?"
Me:  "Because boys have penises, so they get to stand up.  Girls don't.  We're different."
Gavin:  "I have a penis.  And Daddy has a penis.  I wish you could have a penis like us."
Me:  "I sure don't."
Ryan:  "Me neither."

Looking at Bennett while he took a nap:
Gavin:  "Bennett's eyes are cracking, Mommy."
Me:  "Oh, sweetie...those are just his veins in his eyelids."

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