Monday, July 30, 2012

July Gavinisms

Ryan, from the other room:
"Gavin, go ask Mommy if she wants me to shampoo the carpet before Bennett's baptism."
Gavin, to me:
" you want Daddy to clean the floor with lotion and sanitize Bennett?"
Me:  "No thank you, sweetie.  Ryan, wait till you hear how that one translated."

After going potty:
Gavin:  "Mommy, can you help me pull up my underwears?"
Me:  "Sure, sweetie."
Gavin:  "No...not THAT far!  You're gonna be like Grandma!  Pulling my underwears up to my belly!"

Pondering a trip to Target where I bought new workout shorts:
Gavin:  "The last time we went to Target, you bought new dance pants."

On the afterlife:
Gavin:  "Heaven is a long way away."
Me: "You're right, buddy.  It is."
Gavin:  "Yep.  We'd have to drive there."

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