Friday, July 20, 2012

Little Fish

Gavin loves to swim.  He'd go to the pool or the lake every day if we'd let him, and when we do, he lives up to his Pisces sign, spending every second he can in the water.  With his floaties on, he's a little fish--with the exception of his face, which he almost always refuses to submerge.  As much as he loves the water, he's no daredevil when it comes to slides or "the deep end."

The last two weeks, we've been stuck inside due to what I've deemed "the rash of the devil"...official doctor diagnosis undetermined (either Fifth's Disease or an allergic reaction to sunscreen).

He's been begging to go swimming, but I couldn't oblige until today.  And you know what?  My little fish jumped into the water over and over, completely submerging himself, only to come up laughing and shouting, "Let's do that again!"  And even more surprising?  He went down the big slide all by himself and came up sputtering, but elated.

"You're my little fish," I told him, so proud I thought I'd burst with it.  "No, Mommy," he said.  "I'm your BIG fish!"

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