Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nine Months: A Poem

When Gavin turned nine months old, I remember marking the occasion in my mind. Nine months inside, nine months outside. It seemed significant somehow. Bennett turned nine months old this week, and again, it feels heavy with meaning. Hence, this poem:

Nine Months
For My Boys
Into my body you burrowed—
a parasite that broke open
my hips, raised my blood
pressure, and stretched my ligaments
until I swelled ripe like a plum.
I couldn’t wait to be free.

The doctors cut you from me,
and I heard you squawk
before I saw you—
then a series of howls
that didn’t cease
until I held you skin to skin.

Now you’ve been outside
as long as you were in
and it’s you seeking freedom—
twisting your torso to deliver
yourself from my arms
and on to the floor…
            …crawling into independence.
Gavin at 9 months
Bennett at 9 months

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