Wednesday, April 1, 2015

One Word, Five Voices: Peace

I'm not sure I've ever considered Jimi Hendrix to be a great theologian, but his quote about peace has always stood out to me:
Photo credit to Pinterest.
There is something about the big ideas of PEACE and POWER and LOVE being so intertwined that it seems illogical why we haven't figured it out yet. It seems so simple, doesn't it—the idea of peace?

Warring nations, disgruntled employees, hurting marriages, broken children . . . isn't love the missing piece in all of these injustices? Not enough love, forgotten love, too much self-love—that's what's breaking things, that's what's preventing the broken from being redeemed.

Friends, can we all just take a moment today to intentionally love on someone? Can't we just love without getting caught up in all the technicalities? Who cares if the other person has wronged us, or has different principles than we do, or that we want to be right, or that we just plain don't like them?

Today, let's just love each other and let the peace of that choice fall over us in waves.

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2 comments: said...

can I just re-blog this?

can I just have this printed & air dropped over every city, town, and house in the world?

great post, Lindz!

Lindsay said...

I'll rent the airplane if you can learn to fly it. We'll just drop love from the sky! :)