Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Gavinisms & Bennettisms

These silly phrases are coming fewer and further between now, but I wanted to make sure I captured these things overheard over the last several months:

Bennett, on the moon's appearance:
"Look! A full moon! The moon musta had a big lunch today."

Bennett, on his favorite pastry:
"I love my muffin top."

Mixing up meanings:
Mommy: "Bennett, what are you doing?"
Bennett: "Anything."

Gavin, on the best job in the world:
"Nobody has a better job than kids. Learning is fun!"

Even superheroes have to take potty breaks:
Gavin: "If Flash came in here and went potty it would be like [snap] BOOM!"

After a zoo visit:
Gavin: "Bennett should be with the wild animals cuz he stomps so loud."

On a mole's appearance:
Gavin: "I have an x on my mole. I must have treasure in me!"

Brotherly love:
Bennett to Mommy: "You never give me special treats."
Gavin to Bennett: "Well, I guess you'll just have to live on your own."

On bug bites:
Gavin: "Daddy said I might turn into Spiderman because of my spider bite."
Bennett: "Uh-oh, then we won't have a brudder."

Profound, no?:
Bennett: "When I get bigger, I'm gonna grow up!"

Bennett, on running errands:
"We went to the piggy bank today and I got a sucker!"

On technology:
Gavin: "Mommy, you said you'd teach me how to tweet."
Bennett: "This is how you tweet: 'tweet tweet.'"

On family planning:
Ryan to Gavin: "How many kids do you think you'll have?"
Gavin: "Prolly two. No three. Cuz I'm taking Bennett. He's my brother and I love him."

On baseball attire:
Bennett, putting on a baseball hat: "Look at me! I'm a vampire!"
Gavin: "You mean umpire?"

Answering questions:
Mommy: "Did you have a good day at school?"
Gavin: [Makes fart sound with mouth] "That means 'yes' in farts."

Silly car conversations:
Bennett: [giggles]
Mommy: "What are you laughing at?"
Bennett" "The trees."
Mommy: "Why?"
Bennett: "Because they're just standing there!"

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tammy haddix said...

Oh my goodness Lindsey, these are wonderful!! I wish I wrote down everything my boys said that was funny! The main one I remember was Ben, my youngest was watching Monsters Inc and came running to me saying, "Mommy, that movie scared the headlights out of me!" That one will be forever burned in my memory, they grow up WAY to fast! Your writing inspires me and brings back great memories! Keep it up!