Monday, February 15, 2016


I read an article the other day about how social media is killing self-esteem. Essentially, the pieces our friends share of themselves are mostly snapshots of perfection. They let us look at only the best part of their lives and subconsciously, we assume that our own is not living up to the hype. When we don't see everyone else's mess, it makes us question our own.

Reading that made me immediately thankful for the honest moments I've seen friends post recently on social media. The messy, raw moments that give everyone a look at what happens between those moments of perfection. For every artist-crafted Valentine box with working gears and lights, there were also the late-night, thrown-together boxes that were enough. For every smiling, healthy baby photo, there were also the anniversaries of miscarriages and babies who needed heart surgery. For every put-together, shiny family photo session, there were also a bundle of hot mess morning routines.

It reminded me that no matter what we show others, or how we perceive ourselves when we look at everyone else, the way God looks at us is always constant. It's always with unconditional love. From our happiest, shiniest joys to our messiest, in-the-gutter brokenness, and in every moment in between, we are so, SO loved. God sees our "hot mess" and makes something beautiful out of it.

Have you looked at yourself the way God does today?

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