Monday, February 27, 2012

February Gavinisms

Looking at the snap close to his wrist on his coat:
Gavin: "I need to look at my watch."
Me: "What time is it?"
Gavin: "'s ninety thirty."

When requesting to play with my iPad:
Gavin:  "Mommy, go get your iPad right now and please."

During bedtime routine:
Me:  "Would you like to say a prayer before bed?"
Gavin: "Ya.  I wanna pray God be with my grandparents and give them lots of love."

Pondering his soon-to-be sibling:
Gavin:  "Who gonna be Baby Doc's mommy?"
Me:  "I am, sweetie.  I'm going to be your mommy and Baby Doc's mommy."
Gavin:  "Who gonna be his daddy?"
Me:  "Your daddy.  He's going to have the same parents as you."
Gavin:  "Ooooohhhh."

While eating lunch:
Gavin, pointing to a bag on the table: "Mommy, what's that stuff?"
Me: "That's granola for my yogurt.  Would you like some granola?"
Gavin:  "Wat chu say?  Cranilla?"
Me:  "Gra-no-la."
Gavin:  "Oh.  I sayin' it wrong!"

Sprawled out in the front doorway when the door was open:
Me:  "What are you doing?"
Gavin:  "I layin' in the sunshine like Daisy."

When thinking I'm being goofy:
Gavin: "You a silly bobby."
Me:  "What's a bobby?"
Gavin, shaking head and sticking out his tongue: "That."

To Ryan as he buckled Gavin into my car:
Gavin: "Daddy, you go away now.  I have a date with Mommy."

While playing with the baby Jesus from our Mardi Gras king cake:
Me:  "What are you doing, buddy?"
Gavin:  "I put baby Jesus in the fridge cuz he gettin' hot."
Me:  "Won't he get cold in there?"
Gavin:  "He need to cool off and be safe."


Linda C said...

Happy to be one of the Grandarents that he thinks of.

Love you Buddy!

Angelica Messina said...