Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pregnancy Is Beautiful...Except to Pregnant Women

I think other people are adorable pregnant.  They're all so glowy and cute it almost makes you want to get knocked up yourself.  Unfortunately, I don't feel all glowy and cute when I'm pregnant.  I feel awkward, uncomfortable and big.  Really big.

Don't get me wrong—I love pregnancy.  The thought of this little life that's part me and part Ryan is a miracle, plain and simple.  And I love feeling Baby Doc rolling around, and trying to guess if an elbow or a knee is sticking out of my belly—but at times, I wish I could just take pregnancy off like a coat.  I'd like to hang it up for a while and rest.  Breathe comfortably.  Sleep comfortably.  Move comfortably.

When I thought about maternity photos, I was so not into the idea at first.  Why would I want to document this whale-like feeling forever?  But then there's that other side—the side that's done this before and knows the uncomfortableness won't last forever, that I'll miss this time when creating life is what my body is meant to be doing.

That's why I'm so glad I got these photos taken.  And the thing that surprised me the most?  
I feel beautiful in them.  

Many thanks to Jaime Russell for taking these beautiful shots to document our little miracle.  Check out her Web site here.