Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The season of Lent begins again today, Ash Wednesday, and once again, Rethink Church has offered up a photo-a-day challenge. Because we like to torture ourselves grow in our faith, some of my friends and I will virtually gather to blog every day of Lent with a specific word in mind:
Here's the truth friends...

If my people weren't gathering with me to do this, I'm not sure that I'd be on board for 47 straight days of blogging. It just wouldn't happen. But there's something about gathering in a community (virtual or not) and doing something together that makes it more powerful.

We gather to eat, to watch movies, to celebrate a new baby, to remember a loved one who's gone, to see friends get married, to watch a kid's basketball game, and so much more. We gather because it's how we're meant to live...together.

Faith is no different. We're meant to do faith together. To hold each other accountable, to lean on each other, to make mistakes, to cry and laugh and love and learn...together.

Who do you gather with to share life?

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