Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Gavinisms

Because I heard silence in the other room:
Me:  "Gavin, where are you?"
Gavin:  "In the office."
Me:  "What are you doing?"
Gavin:  "Something perfect."

Discussing Bennett's diet with Grandma Clifford:
Grandma:  "We fed Bennett a bottle."
Gavin:  "No, you fed Bennett."
Grandma:  "No, buddy.  I don't have milk like your Momma."
Gavin:  "Don't you have boobies?"

Using a hanger, pretending to shoot an arrow:
Me:  "Don't point at people."
Gavin:  "Can I shoot an arrow in the sky to Jesus?"
Me:  "Would he like that?"
Gavin:  "Ya.  He told me he would like that."

His first feminist lesson:
Gavin:  "You want to go camping with me, Mommy?"
Me:  "Well, buddy...Mommy's not really the camping kind.  I bet Daddy would like to take you."
Gavin:  "Ya, but we could go girl camping. Would you like that?"
Me:  "What do girls do when they go camping?"
Gavin:  "Shoot deer."
Me:  "What do boys do?"
Gavin:  "Shoot deer."
Me:  "So what's the difference between girl camping and boy camping?"
Gavin:  "Ummmm...."

Commenting on my height:
Gavin:  "Mommy, you're taller than the sky!"

On the temperature:
Ryan:  "It's hot in here."
Gavin: "No it's's like 100 degrees."
"What?  These quotes seem perfectly normal to me."

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