Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Land of Make-Believe

Today, my bed became theater seating and the wall a movie screen where we watched "the Smurfs."  Bennett's blanket on the floor of the living room transformed into a boat for two and the carpet into a shark-filled ocean.

Yesterday morning, the empty space under the kitchen table morphed into a bear's den and a plastic hanger from my closet an "arrow shooter."  After nap, Gavin's Elmo backpack converted into a makeshift rocket booster and we all took a trip to the moon.

During the Olympics, our living room became the main arena and the area around our ottoman a track. Gavin won the gold every time.

Also...Bennett and I get "locked up" in jail a lot during the day.  I'm still not quite sure what our offense is.

Man, how I love this kid and his quirky imagination.  When he starts preschool next week, my days will be boring by comparison.

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