Saturday, August 11, 2012

Borrowed Time

Occasionally Ryan and I joke that he's been living on borrowed time since his wave runner accident.  With only a ten percent chance to live, multiple surgeries and more than six weeks in the hospital, even the doctors called him a miracle man.
Us...about two months before the accident.
Today marks ten years since that accident.  Ten years of borrowed time.  The scars have long healed, children have been born, old friends have stuck by us and new friends have been made, leaving that day in what seems like another life.  And in the chaos of our every day, that day really is a distant memory.

But today, when I stop and look around at this life we've created, and a decade of change, I can't help but respect the significance of that day.  There are days in our lives that define us.  Days that change the course of our personal history.  August 11, 2002 is the day I almost lost everything I have now.

There are moments from that day and the following weeks that will never leave me.  Having to say goodbye when the doctors said he wouldn't make it.  Praying...HARD.  Feeling the undeniable presence of God.  Never really believing he'd die, and being angered at his doctor's surprised, "He's alive!" reaction after his first surgery.  Him unconscious, squeezing my hand when I visited him in the ICU.  Knowing without a doubt that he really was "the one" for me.

We've always thought Ryan lived because he had more to do on this Earth.  There was some purpose he hadn't yet fulfilled.  Hindsight being what it is, I look at our two perfect boys and this beautiful life we've created, downs and all...and I'm confident it was all a big part of that purpose.

Every year since his accident, on August 11th, we've celebrated what we call "So Happy to be Alive" Day.  Instead of dwelling on what could have happened and all we could have lost, we celebrate all that we still have and what's yet to come.

These first ten years of borrowed time have been pretty good to us.  I can't wait to see what else is in our future.

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Linda C said...

So happy and blessed to be a part of all that. Looking forward to much more.
Thank you Lord!