Friday, December 30, 2011

A Tale of Seven Christmases

Ryan and I have eight sides of family.  Divorced and remarried parents on both sides—you do the math.  It makes any holiday a little crazy.  The multitude of celebrations over a short period of time absolutely wipes us out.

Christmas is no exception, and usually happens over at least a two-week period for us.  All the places to travel to, all the gifts, all the food—it can get to be too much. 

But on the days we’re feeling overly swamped, or we’re just plain pooped and don’t feel like going anywhere else!—we remember how blessed we are to have all of these people, even when it gets a little crazy.  There are those in the world who have no one, including over 40 orphans in Russia who would gladly give their last possession to have just one of our sides of family.

We are so very blessed.
Christmas #1  Reading with Grandpa Dave and Grandma Charlene.

Christmas #2  Thank-you hugs for Great-Grandma Wanda.

Christmas #3  G-Jo loved her photo book from Gavin.

Christmas #3  Fartless Beer Bread for Ryan.  We haven't tested it out yet.

Christmas #4  Gavin loved his new flute so much he did a little happy dance.

Christmas #4  A surprise marshmallow fight blew Gavin's little mind.  Notice all the mini ones on the floor.

Setting out cookies for Santa.

Christmas #5  Big boy undies from Santa in Gavin's stocking!
Christmas #5  Annual Christmas morning self-portrait.

Christmas #5  Helping Daddy open gifts.  Gavin's new play kitchen is in the background.

Christmas #5  A card for Mommy and Daddy.  It's cheesy, but I love this stuff.

Christmas #6  A new train set from Uncle Adam & Aunt Jahlynn!

Christmas #7  A generous Christmas gift from Great-Grandpa Clifford.
See what I mean?  So very blessed.

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