Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Gavinisms

His reaction to us getting out the baby gear (bassinet, bouncer, swing, etc.):
Gavin:  "Is my baby here, yet?"
Me:  "No, buddy.  He's still in my belly."
Gavin:  "Oh, maaaaan!"

Using his toy blood pressure cuff on my arm as Grandpa used his real one:
Grandpa: "Looks like it's 126 over 84 today."
Gavin: "Yep.  126 over 84.  You be okay."

Obviously wanting a Quik Trip donut after church:
Gavin:  "Can we get a donut today?!"
Ryan:  "Sure.  We can go downstairs at church and get one in the fellowship hall."
Gavin:  "I think those donuts have peanuts.  We go to Quik Trip?"

As Gavin played with a toy golf club:
Ryan:  "Do you know who else likes to golf?"
Gavin: "Yeah."
Ryan:  "Who?"
Gavin:  "A lot of people, Daddy."

Talking about getting a gift for his baby brother:
Me:  "Would you like to buy Baby Doc a present?"
Gavin:  "I get one, too?"
Me:  "Yes.  Baby Doc already got something for you, but you have to wait until he's here to open it."
Gavin:  "I get him a present, too?"
Me:  "Sure.  What would you like to get him?"
Gavin with his finger tapping on his chin:  "Hmmmm....a chicken farm!"

Reacting to Daddy being silly:
Ryan:  "Know what?"
Gavin:  "What?"
Ryan:  "Chicken butt."
Gavin:  "We don't say chicken butt, Daddy."

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Linda C said...

So glad you're recording these sayings.