Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh Yeah, This.

Yesterday, I spent two hours in Labor & Delivery for a non-stress test.  At my doctor's appointment, my blood pressure was up more and the doctor was worried.  Frankly, so was I.  With Gavin, my blood pressure climbed up a little more at each appointment until the doctor finally said, "That's it. You're having this baby tomorrow."  Fortunately, that was only 8 days early.  Gavin was born perfectly healthy and my blood pressure decreased as soon as I gave birth.  No big deal.

But this?  This is way too early to have Baby Doc.  As soon as the doctor said "non-stress test" and "head to Labor & Delivery," I freaked out.  The last time I'd heard that, I had a baby the next day.  I called Ryan and my mom who both met me at the hospital and helped calm me down for the test.  They drew my blood, hooked me up to the blood pressure cuff, and I laid there waiting, praying that I could will my blood pressure down.

Each time the machine tested me, my blood pressure went down a little more.  By the end of the test, it was even at a level that's considered low.  Thank God.

They sent me home with orders to rest and check in with my doctor next week.  Now I'm just trying to figure out how I can con my blood pressure into staying down for the next 3 1/2 weeks so my little guy will be fully baked.  My usual go-to method would be wine.  Damn that "no drinking while pregnant" rule.  Any suggestions?

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Sarah Morrison said...

You can have a 1/2 glass of wine. :) Are you getting enough protein from sources other than red meat? You can also try Red Raspberry Leaf tea with Nettles. 3x a day. Eating a whole cucumber each day will help too.