Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Gavinisms

Reminiscing on me being pregnant:
Gavin, pushing on my stomach:  "Bennett was in your tummy."
Me:  "That's right.  My tummy was really big and now it's not."
Gavin:  "It still kinda big."
Me:  "Touché, son.  Touché."
Gavin:  "Huh?"

Watching Bennett nursing:
Gavin, pushing on the boob Bennett was nursing from:  "This one empty.  He need the other side."

In the car with a very hungry Bennett:
Gavin:  "Bennett, when we get home I gonna take your binkie out so you can eat.  No crying.  You understand?"

Overheard during kitchen play time with Daddy:
Gavin:  "What do you want to drink, Daddy?"
Ryan:  "What do you have?"
Gavin:  ""
Ryan:  "That sounds good!  I'll have a beer."
Gavin:  "Here's your milk!"
Ryan:  "But I asked for beer."
Gavin:  " has a little beer in it."

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Stephanie said... favorite monkey! Oh, friend, how I love your boys! :)