Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Gavinisms

Pondering a package we got in the mail:
Ryan:  "What is it?"
Gavin:  "A CD!"
Ryan:  "Who do you think it's from?"
Gavin:  "Jesus!"

Before lunch one Saturday afternoon:
Gavin:  "My tummy says I want some lunch."

Guessing the correct answer while watching Mickey Mouse Club House:
Me: "You got that one right!"
Gavin:  "Ya.  I did.  I know everything in the whole world."

Discussing table manners with Bennett.
Bennett:  (crying)
Gavin:  "Bennett, don't cry at the dinner table.  That's rude."

During bedtime prayers one night:
Gavin:  "Jesus lives in my heart."
Me:  "You're right, buddy."
Gavin, looking down his shirt:  "You in there, Jesus?  I don't see you."

After taking a stumble and shedding a few crocodile tears:
Me:  "Are you okay?"
Gavin:  "Yeah.  Can I have a hug from Bennett?"
Me, suppressing a laugh:  "Sure."
Gavin, after the "hug":  "Now I feel better."

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