Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's a Good Thing God Has a Sense of Humor

Two Sundays ago was Bennett's first Sunday in church, and once again, he proved to be just like his big brother.  Ryan and I started going to Woods Chapel even before we got married.  Our list of friends there has gotten pretty long over the years, and I was so excited to show off our new little man!  I dressed him in an adorable outfit, filled his belly so he'd conk out and (hopefully) sleep like a perfect angel through the service, and headed out the door.

We decided to go to service in the new worship center and even through the loud worship, Bennett made it all the way to the end of service before he started fussing like he was going to wake up.  Now I should have been prepared for what happened next because three years ago, at Gavin's first Sunday in church, it was an almost identical scene.

Picture this:
Peaceful, sleeping little angel of a baby makes it to the very end of church without a peep.  Parents silently congratulate themselves on having the perfect baby when all of a sudden, during the very quiet closing prayer, said baby lets out the loudest, wettest, most disgusting shart imaginable.  So loud, in fact, that congregation members in the pew in front of said baby and even across the aisle turn around to see what just happened.  

That's right...both my boys filled their pants loud enough for the whole congregation to hear on their inaugural trip to church.  I'm so glad God has a sense of humor because I'm gonna want to see both those scenes on the big screen when I die.

Come on know that was funny.

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