Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Letter to My Boys

You're home for the summer now, and apparently you're going to be greatly missed at school.  All four of your teachers gushed about how much they'd miss you and what a sweet little boy you are.

I'm also realizing more every day how blessed Daddy is to get to stay home with you every summer.  This extra time with you is awesome, and so much fun.  We've got a whole list of stuff we plan to do this summer:  the pool, the zoo, get a library card and check out books, magic shows, bowling, a Shatto farm tour, going to the lake, etc., etc.  But the thing that's been the most fun so far is just hanging out with you.  Your imagination is so fun right now.  The accent chair in our living room frequently turns into a "police car" so we can "take the bad guys to jail," and our stairs have become your pirate ship.  You make me brownies and "chocolate tea" in your kitchen (apparently you know how much  your Momma likes chocolate!) and your barn we got you for Christmas two years ago has become your hideout.

Earlier this month we went to WeCare's Spring Sing and watched you sing a dozen songs we'd heard bits and pieces of at home.  It was adorable, and the surprise song for Mother's Day had me crying quietly behind the camera.  I was so proud of you (and still a little post-pregnancy hormonal) that I couldn't stop my tears.

You've quickly grown out of your 3T clothing in the past few weeks and completely mastered putting on your own clothes, with the occasional shoe on the wrong foot.  You're also staying dry most nights and/or getting up to pee on your own so we'll probably be getting rid of the night-time pull-up soon.

Every day you get better and better at this big brother thing.  Though you seemed like a pro right from the start, watching you love on Bennett and react to his smile absolutely melts my heart.  I had to take him to the eye doctor this week and it broke your heart that you couldn't go be with him during the appointment.

You're so sweet, and so goofy.  I'm going to love every extra day I get with you this summer!

I love you more,

You, my big guy, are growing so fast that I feel like I blink and you're chubbier.  You've outgrown even your three month clothes now and we've moved on to 3-6 month sizes.  You very successfully and consistently hold up your head to look around and can move it from one side to the other when you're on your belly, and you've even rolled over twice from belly to back.

You're starting to coo a lot more and it's adorable to watch you and Gavin "talk" with each other.  I can't wait until the real conversations start.  You're just more awake in general now, which lets us see those beautiful blue eyes get bluer every day.  You're sleeping fairly well, generally giving us a six or seven hour stretch every night, with the occasional eight-hour night of awesomeness!

You went through a very brief fussy period between six and eight weeks old where you got fussy for about an hour each evening.  Thankfully, it didn't last long and those nights are now few and far between, mostly just when you're overtired from a long day (or your brother has kept you from napping as much as you should during the day).

You sleep with your eyes partly open a lot of the time, especially when napping.  It usually only happens before you hit deep sleep, but at first I couldn't tell if you were actually asleep or not.  To be honest, it's always creeped me out a bit when people sleep with their eyes open.  I hope you grow out of it.  :)

Speaking of eyes, I had to take you to the eye doctor this week because your pediatrician thought you might have a cataract in your left eye.  At your two-month check-up, it looked like that might be the case, but he wanted a second opinion from an opthamologist.  I was freaked out of course, but the eye doc took a nanosecond look into each eye and said you definitely didn't have cataracts. Better to be safe than sorry, I guess.

I've discovered a small birthmark on the outside of your right knee.  A cute little brown spot that proves you were kissed by an angel (at least that's what Grandma always told me about birthmarks).  I've also discovered your neck is ticklish, as well as your back.  It's my secret weapon to keep you nursing when you are falling asleep.  

Lately, I've heard you giggle in your sleep and it makes me long for your first laugh.  Those sleepy giggles are absolutely adorable and if your true laugh ends up being anything like them, I think they could make even the Grinch smile.
Hey Momma--you think this goofy face could make the Grinch smile?
I love you more,

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