Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Letter to My Boys

You are now my big preschooler, and most days, you're totally proud of it.  For the first week back to school, you were so excited about the "Rainbow Room" and being a big kid, and riding the bus, etc., etc., until you realized that this wasn't just a temporary thing and you were going to be there all year.  The excitement quickly turned to apprehension, heavy with "I miss my old room and my old teachers." Thankfully, the new teachers' excitement to have you there has helped ease you back into looking forward to going every day, and being excited to tell us what you've been up to while you're there.  So far, you've ridden on the bus to the library several times, made home-made applesauce, and learned about the letters A, B & C, among other numerous activities. You've been most excited about your "helper job" every week and so far, I think the "teacher helper" has been your favorite. It's made you feel important and needed and I love that that's a part of the curriculum.
A completely unrelated, yet adorable photo of you in our first rain after the summer drought.
While you've been more helpful at school, it seems you've regressed a bit at home and want more help from us in things you were routinely doing yourself, like getting dressed and undressed, picking up toys, etc. I think it stems back to your baby brother a little bit and for the moment, we're glad to give you a little extra help and attention as it's needed.  

Daddy and I also took you to your first Royals game this month. You'd been begging to go all summer so we left Bennett with Grandma Jan and sat in some incredible 5th row, 1st-base-side seats. You were enthralled for about the first inning before realizing what a very long game baseball is. We all still had a blast though and introduced you to the frosty malt, which made it all worth it.
I've missed spending my days with you since you started back to school but have loved hearing all your school stories tainted with excitement and wonder and pride. I hope you love school just as much as your geeky Momma did. So far, I think we're off to a good start.

I love you more,

You, my little roly poly are a lovable little ball of sweetness. Almost literally. Your chubs get more delicious with each passing month, though I think you're finally starting to plateau as far as weight goes. Time to start solids, I guess. :)

You've always been ticklish--it's how I got your first laughs out of you months ago, but now, Daddy and I torture you frequently because you are so easy to tickle. Your back, your thighs, your neck, your tummy--all of it's ticklish and the cute little squirmy giggles you let out just keep us coming back for more. I do apologize on both of our behalves, but we just can't help ourselves.

You're drooling nonstop and chewing on everything lately, and I keep waiting for a tooth to peek through, but so far, nothing.  Which, frankly, is a good thing. Let's get a couple more months of toothless nursing in before I have to worry about you chomping down on me instead of your teethers.
The chewing on "everything" also includes those adorably fat fingers.
You're also babbling a lot and frequently say "ma ma ma" though Daddy says it doesn't count because you don't know what you're saying yet. (FYI: Screw that! Mommy wins!) We've also heard "ba ba ba" and "va va va" but no "da da da" yet. Gavin's also hoping for his name soon, too. You've apparently got a lot of work ahead of you.

The vocabulary's not quite there yet, but your motor skills are getting more advanced every day. You're a pro sitter now, rarely losing your balance, and you're scooting and army crawling to get to any toy within your reach. You got your legs under you this morning, but you weren't quite sure what to do once you got there. I know it won't be long so I'm cherishing these last moments of non-mobile baby time. You even tried pulling up on the ottoman the other day, and to that I say, "Slow down! Let's move one step at a time, kid."

Once you started sitting up, your fantastic sleeping through the night pattern disappeared and you're waking up multiple times a night again.  We're slowly trying to get you back to your old nights of awesomeness, but with all the changes going on right now (daycare, starting solids, possible teeth, etc.), I have a feeling it will be a while until we're back on track. So for right now, I'm trying to enjoy the middle of the night cuddles, but also praying they don't last too much longer.

I thoroughly enjoyed our last few weeks of "just us" time before I started back to work, and you to daycare. They were wonderful, and full of cuddles and giggles and moments I will forever covet. I missed you this week, and worried about you constantly. Though your first couple of days at daycare were hard, and full of tears and not wanting to eat or sleep, you seem to be finding a groove and by Friday, your teachers were boasting about what a great day you'd had.
You have, of course, already caught your first daycare sickness and I had to stay home with you mid-week due to fever. I originally thought it was just because of the vaccines you'd gotten the day before, but by Friday night, you'd caught the same croupy cough your brother had the previous week. One steroid shot later and you're quickly on the mend.

I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us this month, my man.

I love you more,

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