Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The First of Many "First Days of School"

Yesterday was Gavin's first day of preschool, and as mothers do (or at least as my mother always did), we took pictures to commemorate the event.
It's the first of many pictures in the coming years, and I hope he'll tolerate holding a sign for most of them.  If not, the adorable smile will make up for it.  And when that gives out, at least the "I don't want to take this photo" face makes a pretty amusing photo.

Yesterday, I felt the full force of these past three years fly by me when I saw him standing at the top of the stairs at his preschool.
Granted, we still walked through the same doors we've been walking through for the past three years, but yesterday was different.  Yesterday was his first day in the "Rainbow Room."  It was his first official day of preschool, the first day he played on "the big kid" playground, the first day he wore a backpack, the first day he didn't cry on his first day.

Yesterday he was one year closer to school school. little guy became one of the big kids.
My big kid, honking his nose at me to say goodbye.  Some traditions die hard.  Thank goodness!

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