Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pinterest Project

Gavin's been in a big boy bed for almost a year now.  He's got the full bed, the non-baby comforter, the grown-up kid books, etc., but the baby pictures that hung on the wall of his nursery were still there, just waiting to finally be updated with more appropriate "big kid" decor.

I couldn't ever quite find the perfect thing to fill that space until I saw a craft project this summer on Pinterest.  I instantly loved it, and knew Gavin would have fun creating some artwork himself that he could hang up in his room.

The original inspiration came from a blog link through Pinterest, but I personalized it by using contact paper instead of tape so I could make rounded shapes, i.e. Andy Warhol-style smiley faces.  I taped off the squares, cut out the smiley faces, and let Gavin do the rest.

Painting the blue square.  He was meticulous about getting all the "white spaces."
Ripping off the contact paper after the paint had dried.

I probably should have gone to the store and purchased red finger paint to match the other artwork a little more, but we already had the purple on hand so simplicity prevailed.
I think it turned out nice anyway, and Gavin was pretty proud to hang it up when it was done.  He's already invited several guests to "come upstairs and see my painting."  All that pride for only $10 and a few on-hand supplies.  Not too shabby.

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