Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Gavinisms

Thinking about Ryan's accident:
Gavin:  "I wish Daddy didn't have a cigar."
Me:  "What do you mean?"
Gavin:  "Cuz he had a bad accident and now he has a big cigar on his belly."

The morning after his first Royals game:
Gavin: "We watched the baseball game last night."
Me: "Yes, we did.  Did you have fun?"
Gavin:  "Ya.  I like watching belly button hit the ball."
Me:  "You mean Billy Butler?"
Gavin:  "Ya.  He was really good."

After noticing Gavin had been in the bathroom a long time:
Me, from the other room:  "Gavin...what are you doing?"
Gavin:  "I'm just chilling out in here."

On my first day back to work:
Me:  "Today is my first day back to work.  I'm gonna miss you guys."
Gavin:  " gonna be right fine.  And Bennett's gonna be right fine.  He has lots of friends to play with."
Gavin, to Bennett:  "You're gonna have music time and movement time.  Daycare is fun.  Don't be sad.  But you can't come to the Rainbow Room for big kids.  You have to go to the baby room."

After a fart at the table:
Me:  "What do you say?"
Gavin:  "Excuse me (laughing)."
Me:  "That's not funny."
Gavin:  "It sounds funny in the bathtub.  That makes you laugh."

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