Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall Fun--A (Mostly) Picture Post

How is it that fall is full of so many adorable photo ops? I mean, really. It's almost not fair to the rest of the year. And guess what, boys? I'll make you take every one of them. Every. Single. Year. You'll thank me later.
My two pumpkins in the pumpkins.
Hmmm...what is this orange thing?
Maybe it's because I'm just too comfortable being around boys ALL THE TIME now,
but I failed to notice how incredibly phallic this gourd was until I uploaded these pics.
This was the first year he could dig all by himself!
The annual Faulkner's face-in-the-pumpkins photo, now with one new member.
I'm not quite sure where this kid gets his goofy.
What's cuter than a baby surrounded by pumpkins?
Family photo at the Clifford fall farm party.
Bundled up tight with Momma.
One of the three pumpkins he chose that evening.
How cute are my guys?!
Pumpkin carving with Daddy at Grandma Jan's house.
Because every kid needs a photo in a pumpkin.
I still can't believe we found one big enough for him!
These boys--they are too cute.
Finished pumpkins!
My little fire chief and bulldog, ready for trick-or-treating.

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