Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Gavinisms

On election day:
Me: "Who should I vote for today?"
Gavin: "Ice cream!"

After a particularly ornery moment:
Me: "You little turkey!"
Gavin: "I'm not a turkey. I don't have a beard!"

After reading a Carl story one night:
Gavin: "Dogs shouldn't go to parties. They'll eat up all the cake!"

When having trouble following directions:
Me: "Gavin, I asked you to clean up your toys.  You need to listen and obey."
Gavin: "Obey is a dangerous word."

Noticing Bennett chewing on a piece of paper:
Gavin, with his most serious tone: "Bennett, no."
Bennett: {giggling}
Gavin, to me: "Mommy, he's laughing at me."
Me: "Ya...that happens sometimes."

After learning about pilgrims and native americans (Indians) at school:
Me: "What songs did you sing at school at school today?"
Gavin, in his best singing voice: "All my idiot friends...hi ya, hi ya, hiiiiii."
Me: "Mmm...hmmm. And what else did you do today?"
Gavin: "I made a idiot vest and a idiot headband."

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