Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Latest "Boyisms"

These boys...they are so silly. Here's a flavor of our past few months:

Gavin, while pulling the tops off strawberries:
"I'm a twist grinder!"

While riding in the car:
Gavin: "Daddy's car smells like butt."
Bennett: "Dat Bubby."

Affirmations of love:
Gavin: "Mommy...I love you through your bones."

On misbehaving on the playground:
Gavin: "It's okay, Mommy. No teachers saw me—I watched out."

During the Royals' World Series marathon of TV watching:
Gavin: "Guess what. I'm super creepy Rob Lowe."

While towel-drying after a bath:
Bennett: "Don't rub it off. Dat my skin."

After passing a police car on the highway:
Bennett: "Dat a poweece car."
Me: "What do the police do?"
Bennett: "Dey help people up when dey fall down."

Singing Christmas carols in the car:
Bennett: "Woodolf the wed-nosed snowman!"

On Elf on the Shelf:
Bennett: "Don't touch his hat! It make the magic fall off!"

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