Saturday, February 28, 2015

One Word, Five Voices: Powers

Ryan and I have been married 11 years today, and being married that long has given me some unique powers to push his buttons. I know just the ones he has, and know juuust the right way to push them. I mean, 11 years teaches you that, right?

But what 11 years also teaches you is how to use your powers for good instead of evil. I know what his weaknesses are, yes, but I also know that those weaknesses are tied to his greatest strengths--the reasons I fell in love with him in the first place.

You see, the "powers" we feel we hold over one another aren't really powers at all. The true power is being able to love another person in the good and the bad, in sickness and in health, and so on. You don't need power when it comes to love, because in love, you sacrifice for the other person. In love, you put the other person first.

Ryan and I are by no means perfect, nor do we have the perfect marriage, but when we use our powers for good, and put each other first, we're as close as we're ever going to get.

Happy anniversary to the wonderful man I married 11 years ago. I'd do it all over again--I love our life together.

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Heather said...

So adorable. Your family has special powers for everyone! You will melt everyone with your cuteness. LOL Thanks for sharing!