Thursday, February 19, 2015

One Word, Five Voices: Look

We've all got plenty of ugly going on inside of us every day—selfishness, anger, greed, hate. And that's the short list, friends. I'll be the first to admit I see those things in myself all day long. I can also see them around me—at home, at work, and even places where people think they shouldn't be, like church. Many days, this world can be an ugly place, which makes it so easy to dwell on the bad.

You're unappreciated at work? Grrr. Your spouse didn't let you sleep in? Angry fist! That jerk cut you off in traffic? Outrageous!

But what if—in those times of frustration, when the ugly is attacking us—what if we look for the good?    
What if we attempted to see that co-worker we can't stand as someone who is struggling just like we are. What if we tried to see that grouchy neighbor the way God sees them?

And before you write me off as a Pollyanna, I'm not just talking about turning your frown upside down and faking it. What if looking for the good in our days, our friends, our families, even the strangers we come across every day—what would happen if we became intentional about looking for the good inside of them?

I'm convinced we'd all find it. And I'm convinced the world would change. Those times of trial and struggle would shift from the dark, ugly things they are into something beautiful—something that was a part of the plan all along.
Lupine—the most hated "flower" in Iceland because of its weed-like tendencies.
I took one look at them and thought they were beautiful. Don't you agree? 

This post is part of a series focused on a single word, which started with a 2013 Lenten challenge from Rethink Church. A group of five friends (including me) posted once a day and love-hated it so much we decided to do it again for the 2015 Lenten season. Check out what my friends think of today's word on their blogs: ShawnHeatherSteph and Brian.

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I LOVE lupines! And I especially loved your "angry fist!" comment. Great post, Lindz. :) And, you're not stupid Pollyanna. Your hair is too short.