Wednesday, February 18, 2015

One Word, Five Voices: Announce

I've got a little bit of an announcement for you: Our "One Word, Five Voices" crew is back for the Lenten season!

ReThink Church has once again challenged followers with a Lenten photo-a-day challenge, and myself and four of my crazy friends will be adding on to that with a blog post focused on a different word every day of Lent.

Now, to be honest, I almost stopped blogging here for today. I used the word "announce" already in the first sentence—yay me! But come on, I can't cop out on day one, right?

The word "announce" always seems so formal to me. It's like it needs to be preceded by trumpets or something. It's big, important, almost regal. And who the hell am I, right?

But here's the thing: to announce something is also to make a promise. If you put it out there that you're retiring, or buying a house, or getting married, or having soup for dinner, you're committing to that statement. You're obligated to follow through. And if you don't, people might question you, or hold you accountable to the promise you made. (Where's my soup, man?!)

And that kind of accountability, that kind of commitment—that's what I want for this Lenten season. I know I'll struggle, I know I'll want to give up, but I also know that I'll have grown in my faith along the way, and that's what Lent is all about, right?

So here it is, folks:

I announce (dun, dun, dun, duuuuunnnnn) I'll be blogging every day of Lent this year. Hold me accountable, won't ya?


This post is part of a series focused on a single word, which started with a 2013 Lenten challenge from Rethink Church. A group of five friends (including me) posted once a day and love-hated it so much we decided to do it again for the 2015 Lenten season. Check out what my friends think of today's word on their blogs: ShawnHeatherSteph and Brian.


shawnfranssens said...

Such good thoughts on what we "announce" being what we commit to and what we promise. Thank you for sharing!

Heezer said...

A promise. So cool. Oh, you are really funny too, ya know. I am here for you cause I gotta do this too! Always better together, right?!