Friday, February 20, 2015

One Word, Five Voices: Alone

Recently, a good friend of mine confided in our Monday night group that she felt alone. That even in a crowded room, or group of people who love her, she still feels as though she doesn't belong—that she's all alone in her struggles.

This is a woman who is a regular part of my life. I see her almost every day. And yet, I had no idea she was feeling this way. It jarred me.

It made me wonder how I'd missed she had this gaping hole in her life. How had I been so wrapped up in my own junk that I forgot to look outside of myself and see how others were struggling? Frankly, it was a good reminder to me that it's not all about me. It was a good reminder to interact intentionally with those I see every day. We were made to be living in community together for a reason—so we can lean on each other, support each other, love each other, hold each other accountable, and on, and on.

And my dear friend, whom I love, and to everyone else out there feeling as though they're alone in whatever their struggles are, today's Lenten post is for you. Those unworthy, I-don't-belong, I'm-not-important feelings are not what God would say to you today. God would say this:

You are awesome.

You are loved.

You belong.

You are not alone.
On the beach in Vik, Iceland.

This post is part of a series focused on a single word, which started with a 2013 Lenten challenge from Rethink Church. A group of five friends (including me) posted once a day and love-hated it so much we decided to do it again for the 2015 Lenten season. Check out what my friends think of today's word on their blogs: ShawnHeatherSteph and Brian.

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I think you're tapping into something everyone needs, which is to be told those things. I'm glad she's got you as a friend.