Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lenten Challenge, Day 1: Who Am I?

So I heard about this Lenten challenge from a good friend of mine and was immediately intrigued. I've always loved something about the Lenten season. It's a chance to start fresh, wipe the slate clean, begin again, and every other kind of tabula rasa-like cliche that comes to mind.

But what I love most is that I always feel stronger in my faith at the end of these 40 days. I feel that I've been stretched because of sacrifices I've made, even though in the grand scheme of things, they're tiny sacrifices. So this year, I'll make some of those same little sacrifices, but I'm also committing to this challenge of doing more, instead of just giving something up. Every day, I'll base a post on a word from the list I linked to above.

Day One: Who Am I?
I'm a mom whose dream home library is now a makeshift playroom that's always covered in toys...and I don't even mind.

I'm marked by ash because I'm a believer.

I'm a wife...sometimes a good one.

I'm a writer who should read more.

I'm a reader who should write more.

I'm happy, and like to smile at strangers.

I'm a believer in 2nd chances, but not 3rds, 4ths or 5ths.

I'm Momma and Mommy, and sometimes Mom...but I always prefer Momma.

I'm a loyal friend, but a horrible phone call returner.

I'm a crier. When things are bad, but especially when things are good.

I'm creative.

I'm a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a sister-in-law, an aunt and a niece.

I'm optimistic, sometimes to a fault.

I'm honest, LOTS of times to a fault.

I'm goofy, and not-so-secretly hope my boys will turn out just as silly as me.

I'm a hypocrite.

I'm blessed. So blessed. Beyond blessed. Yet, I still look for more.

I'm selfish (see above).

I'm forgiven.

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