Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lenten Challenge, Day 14: Lift

I went to a work presentation recently where a woman talked about her love for the book Life as a Daymaker. Essentially, the book is about a man who ended up unknowingly saving someone's life simply because he made her day.

Now of course, not every action we do on a daily basis is going to have that kind of effect, but there certainly is something to living life focused on lifting others up. It forces you to focus on others instead of yourself, which is always a good thing. Think about it. I mean really think about it. How different would this world look if we all tried to lift up the spirits of everyone we came in contact with?

It sounds overwhelming, doesn't it? But small, simple acts add up to a lot. Letting that crazy driver merge in front of you on the freeway, making a casserole for a friend with a new baby, helping a neighbor shovel his driveway.
If everyone did those little things, the cumulative effect would be world-changing. Because even on your shittiest day, someone reaching out in kindness can change the course of your day.
You can buy this poster at this web site.
What can you do to lift someone up today?

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Shawn F. said...

Thank you for adding the practical to your thoughts here. I find myself thinking in abstract terms about lifting people up, and you remind me how simple that can be. Thank you friend!