Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lenten Challenge, Day 8: Evil

There's always some kind of evil being fought in the world, isn't there? There's always an enemy out there somewhere, and we are quick to label them as evil. It's been Hitler, and Germany and the Third Reich. It's been Castro, Cuba and Communism. It's been Russia during the Cold War, Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc., etc., etc.

But evil isn't a country, or a group of people. It's not regional or racial.

The real evil out there is unfortunately present in all of us. It's defining our differences as bad, instead of coming together in love. It's thinking you're better than someone else simply because they're different. It's knowing someone is hurting and not doing something about it. It's selfishness, greed, hate, injustice and pride.

And who isn't at least a little bit guilty of one of those things?

But in the great battle of good vs. evil...guess what?

Good wins.

LOVE wins.

So there.

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