Monday, March 25, 2013

Lenten Challenge, Day 41: Rejoice

How appropriate that today's word is "Rejoice," and I'm spending today rejoicing the sweet baby boy who entered my life exactly one year ago today. When he joined our little family a year ago, he fit in so seamlessly it was like he'd always been there.
He surprised all of us with his early arrival, and has continued surprising us for what has been the fastest year of my life. That chubby little bundle of cute is now a walking, jabbering, happy, smiley, still chubby, still cute, little boy. And it all feels like it happened overnight.

He still looks just like his brother, but has a personality all his own. It's almost as if he's rebelling against the sameness by constantly trying to break out on his own in other ways. He's a climber. Oh my is he a climber. On boxes, on furniture, on toys, but also on the normal things like stairs and ladders. That's right...I said ladders. Don't ask.
He's ornery, and doesn't seem to pay any heed to the word "no." At first I thought it was just his age, but I've come to the realization that it's downright disobedience. I think it's the mischievous glimmer in his eyes that gives him away.

He's happy. So happy. If he's not teething or upset that Mommy and Daddy have just left to go on a date, he's got a constant smile on his face. And that grin of his? Melts me into a puddle every time. I'm pretty sure he knows it, too.
He's a cuddler, and not just when he's tired. He routinely comes over to one of us, including Gavin, and just lays his head on our shoulders for a few moments before powering on to his next adventure.

He's everything our family needed, and didn't even realize was missing. He fills us with joy every day, and I can't imagine our lives without him.

Happy 1st birthday, my little man!

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