Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Gavinisms

While looking out the window on the way to daycare:
Me: "Buddy, look at that airplane!"
Gavin: "That's not a airplane. That's a roller coaster in the sky."

While eating carrots one night at dinner:
Gavin: "I want 68 carrots!"
Me: "If you ate that many carrots, you'd turn orange."
Gavin: "And if I eat lots of gray socks, I'll turn gray!"

Overly excited about the dinner I made:
Ryan: "Gavin, what do we say to Mommy for making dinner?"
Gavin: "Mommy, you deserve a meeeddddaaalllll!"

Thinking about Bennett's 1st birthday:
Me: "What do you want to get Bennett for his birthday?"
Gavin: "A chicken leg."
Me: "What's he gonna do with that?"
Gavin: "Prolly bang it on his head."

Pondering Easter candy:
Gavin: "Mommy...jelly beans are made from jelly and beans, right?"

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